About Us

jute flower pot made by Indian handicraft artisans

jute flower pot

We are a leading jute crafts manufacturer, wholesale supplier and exporter of jute crafts and goods. We have been in this business since decades and have been manufacturing different kinds of jute handicrafts and other jute goods like jute stationery, jute carpet, jute rugs, jute furniture, jute rugs, jute bags, jute footwear, jute apparels, and much much more.

Located at the heart of India i.e. Delhi we are specialist in making such eco friendly jute products with wonderful finishing and looks. All our jute goods and crafts are stylish, fancy, trendy and beautiful in designs & colors. We use quality jute fiber from West Bengal, India to manufacture our products. Jute fiber of West Bengal is known for their quality, texture, durability and natural shine, and that is the reason why our products last for long.

Jute is 100% biodegradable stuff which is 100% eco friendly which makes it more popular among the new generation of people who are aware of environmental problems like Global Warming, Plastic Bags Menace, etc.

To buy any type of jute crafts, jute goods, jute articles and other jute products in wholesale, you can visit our website at juteproductsindia.com


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